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Date Changes for BOA Meetings

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

There have been a few important date changes to the Budget meeting schedule:

The Final Deliberations session for the BOA Finance Committee will be Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 7pm at City Hall, BOA Chambers, 2nd Floor, 165 Church Street. This is the meeting where the Finance Committee forwards the budget with recommendations or as proposed by the Mayor.

The Final Vote of the Full BOA on the Budget will be Thursday, May 27, 2010 @ 7pm at City Hall, BOA Chambers, 2nd Floor, 165 Church Street. This is the meeting where rhetoric meets the road and the Alders vote to increase your taxes or listen to the citizens. It comes down to a yes/no choice, they have to make a up or down vote.

How Will Your Alderperson Vote? Check Back update: Tuesday, May 18

Monday, May 10th, 2010


FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS to vote on Mayors PROPOSED Budget Tuesday, May 18, 7pm City Hall.
Shah (Chair), Clark (Vice-Chair), Perez, Goldfield, Jackson-Brooks, Castro, Lemar, Morehead, Elicker, Bauer, O’Sullivan-Best

Increase Taxes Decrease Taxes

See how they voted in past budget cycles



Andrea Jackson-Brooks 4-D Andrea Jackson-Brooks

[email protected]


102 DeWitt Street 06519-2131 H:203-776-0502
Jorge Perez 5-D Jorge Perez

[email protected]


24 Cassius Street 06519-2313 H:203-562-4373
Frances Clark 7-D Frances T. Clark

[email protected]


320 Audobon Court 06511-1203 H:203-772-4455
Roland Lemar 9-D

Roland Lemar

[email protected]


6 Eld Street 06511 H:203-507-7869
Justin Elicker 10-D Justin Elicker

[email protected]


192 Willow Street 06511-2531 H:203-500-2969
Maureen O'Sullivan-Best 11-I Maureen O’Sullivan-Best

[email protected]

54 Foxon Street 06513-2320 H:203-467-9783
Stephanie Bauer 14-D

Stephanie Bauer

[email protected]

55 East Pearl Street 06513-4309 H:203-785-0065
Migdalia Castro 16-D Migdalia Castro

[email protected] 


203 Saltonstall Avenue-Court Cottage 06513-4250 H:203-777-6835
Greg Morehead 22-D

Greg Morehead

[email protected]

Ward22 website

13 Frances Hunter Drive 06511-3604 H:203-507-7766
Yusuf Shah 23-D Yusuf I. Shah

[email protected]

59 Gilbert Avenue 06511-5331 H:203-507-7679
Carl Goldfield 29-D Carl Goldfield

[email protected]


25 Roydon Road 06511-2806 H:203-782-2064

Thank You

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Thank You

We had a very successful turn out last evening and even won over the people turned out by the Mayor. Lets keep up the pressure to have the Board of Aldermen send the budget back to the Mayor.

Come Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 6:30 pm

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Final Public Hearing On The Budget. Bring Friends

City Hall, 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Final Public Hearing, Wednesday, April 28 @ 6:30 pm

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We need your support by coming to the final public hearing on the budget. Your presence will make a big difference and we need you to come even if you can only stay a short while. The meeting is at City Hall, on the second floor, 165 Church Street.

We are asking everyone to do these three things:

#1 —- Sign the Petition to Cut the Budget by 10%
The Mayor is proposing a 2% cut through Innovation Based Budgeting (IBB), we are asking that number to be 10% to be no new (net) taxes. Please call Jeffrey at 203-676-0880 or email [email protected] if you have petitions ready to be picked up. While our Citywide Brainstorm has generated over 315 revenue/expense ideas, we believe city managers are best poised to implement cost savings measures to achieve a 10% reduction in the budget.

#2 —- Come to the Final Public Hearing On The Budget —- **** PLEASE COME TO THIS EVENT!!!!! **** —-
Final public hearing on the budget. We need people to turn out on this night. Bring your neighbors!!!
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 6:30 pm
Board of Alders Chambers, City Hall, 165 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06511

#3 —- Contact these Board of Alders, Finance Committee Members —- They will be making a recommendation to the Full BOA on the Budget —-
4 Andrea Jackson-Brooks [email protected] 102 DeWitt Street New Haven, CT 06519-2131 203-776-0502

5 Jorge Perez [email protected] 24 Cassius Street New Haven, CT 06519-2313 203-562-4373

7 Bitsy Clark [email protected] 320 Audobon Court New Haven, CT 06511-1203 203-772-4455

9 Roland Lemar [email protected] 549 Orange Street New Haven, CT 06511- 203-240-6135

10 Justin Elicker [email protected] 192 Willow Street New Haven, CT 06511-2501 203-500-2969

11 Maureen O’Sullivan-Best [email protected] 54 Foxon Street New Haven, CT 06513-3404 203-467-9783

14 Stephanie Bauer [email protected] 55 East Pearl Street New Haven, CT 06513-3206 203-785-0065

16 Migdalia Castro [email protected] 139 Lloyd Street,Unit 3, New Haven, CT 06513-3811 777-6835

22 Greg Morehead [email protected] 13 Frances Hunter Drive, New Haven, CT 06511-3533 203-507-7766

23 Yusuf I. Shah [email protected] 730 George Street #309, New Haven, CT 06511-5217 843-4450

29 Carl Goldfield [email protected] 25 Roydon Road New Haven, CT 06511-2806 782-2064 w:787-9222

ConnCAN Rally & Legislative Initiatives

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

See letter below from ConnCAN on their efforts with the State.

Dear Friend,

I’ve been asking a lot of you these past weeks. Since launching our ‘Mind the Gaps’ campaign almost two months ago, I’ve been asking you to write your legislators, attend legislative hearings, visit our campaign website and spread the word among friends and family.

You responded – and because of that, we’ve made real progress. As we head into the latter part of the legislative session, I wanted to take a moment to update you on the state of our campaign and thank you for your work.

Over 1,000 Connecticut citizens have written their elected officials to ask them to ‘Mind the Gaps’ in student achievement by enacting three fiscally responsible, commonsense, results-oriented education reforms in the 2009 legislative session.

In late February, over 400 advocates attended the appropriations hearing in Hartford, wearing bright blue Mind the Gaps t-shirts and asking our legislators to avoid the tragedy of half-completed, high-performing public charter schools.

In March, advocates from across the state testified at two hearings on three important bills that were raised by the General Assembly’s Education Committee for data transparency in schools and teacher quality.

1) An Act Concerning Longitudinal Studies Of Student Achievement (H.B. 6491) would require that the Connecticut State Department of Education allow nonprofits and universities to use education data the state collects to improve instruction and help parents make smart choices.

2) An Act Concerning Teacher Certification (H.B. 6666) would remove the roadblocks keeping excellent teachers out of Connecticut classrooms by changing the law that prevents great candidates from teaching without a specific college major. Instead, this bill would give them the option to prove their subject knowledge by passing a rigorous exam.

3) An Act Establishing A Resident Teacher Certificate (H.B. 6654) would establish a one-year resident teacher certificate so that Teach for America can continue to provide its teachers the long-term professional development and support that has proven so effective in helping raise student achievement.

Next week, on April 2, charter school advocates will converge on the steps of the State Capitol for one last push to ensure our voices are heard as legislators make their final funding choices. And on April 6th, the Education Committee will reach its final deadline to pass these three bills on to the General Assembly as a whole.

If you haven’t done so yet, please take two minutes right now to send a letter to your legislator about these critical issues so that we can ensure that every child in Connecticut has access to a great public school.

Thank you for being an advocate for Connecticut kids.

My Best,

Alex Johnston
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our campaign website – – for more information, videos, and to keep track of our progress.

About ConnCAN — The Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN) is an advocacy organization building a new movement of concerned Connecticut citizens working to create fundamental change in our education system. To learn more visit:

Website Enhancements

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Over the past few months, we at NHCAN have been making enhancements to this website. The purpose is to make it more user friendly and more useful. You can now easily share our posts on your favorite website by clicking one of the links at the bottom of each post (i.e., facebook, myspace, twitter, digg, etc…). You can also sign up for SMS alerts for special announcements. A great feature, is the ability to subscribe or to view our calendar. This makes it easier to keep abreast of important events and add events, meetings, hearings etc… right into your calendar. We’ve also created links to our NHCAN facebook page and to our Twitter updates. We have also created a “source document” page.

Mayor’s Budget Presentation

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

You can read the presentation here.

Mayor To Speak On Budget

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The Mayor will be making a budget presentation to the Board of Aldermen on Thursday (2/26/09) at 6:30 pm in the Aldermanic Chambers. Similar to the presentation last year at the Library, the Mayor will preview the budget, taxes and program funding. Please join the presentation.

Budget Deliberations Debacle

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

The aldermen said we needed to demonstrate to them that people care about the tax issue and we turned out 100 people. They promptly canceled the meeting after it started. Why couldn’t they deliberate about the cuts they want to make, the future cuts and savings?

Here is the press coverage:

New Haven Independent

New Haven Register

Thank you to all of you who came. Please come to the rescheduled meeting and bring some friends and neighbors.